Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Introducing Vendexo.com Online Merchant Services

    I would like to introduce you to vendexo.com Online Merchant Services.

vendexo.com is a business which helps merchants succeed in the online world. It provides the following services to merchants:
Our hosted shopping cart service requires no up-front payments to be made, and it is really easy to get started. No technical or programming knowledge is required. It also features a facebook shop window
application, so merchants can feature their products on their facebook page, making it really easy for visitors to be converted to paying customers.

Our affiliate marketing network enables:
  • merchants (advertisers) to connect with affiliates (website owners, bloggers or online publishers);
  • merchants to create ads for their shop, products and services in a variety of media types and formats;
  • affiliates to include these ads and affiliate links in their published content, and to earn referral fees and sales commissions;
  • merchants to specify the fees they will pay for click-throughs, visits, leads and sales;
  • merchants and affiliates to view statistics and graphs of the referrals, leads and sales on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If you are interested in these services, and want to find out more, please visit www.vendexo.com or contact us.

Here's a link to a product page. This is for demonstration purposes, to show how an advertisement can appear in a blog.:

Makita BO4555 Palm Sander
Makita BO4555 Palm Sander

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